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Cold storage management system

PHP Cold storage management system provides an easy and efficient software solution for management of cold storage information regarding stock (inventory) & accounting. We Provide different kinds of features like customers Inward, Outward, Invoice, Receipt, Items, also track your customer products on a cold map floor, chamber & rack wise easily.

PHP COLD For Cloud

Cold storage management system provides an easy and efficient software solution for cloud.The Benefits of cloud system you can access any time on any where on any device and  your work do much more faster.

PHP COLD For Standalone

Cold storage management system provides an easy and efficient software solution for standalone system Means programs that can work offline, i.e. does not necessarily require network connection.You Can Perform All Action On Your Stand alone system.

PHP COLD Features



Responsive web design makes your web page look good on all devices. Web pages can be viewed using many different devices like desktops, tablets or phones.

Customers Stock Details

PHP COLD storage management system provides cold map features for Customer to easily track out their Stock Details which floor, chamber & rack.

Inward Management

To manage all types of New Inwards and it’s list.Generate Automatic bill of Inward from Invoice with Issue date &amount.Track your commodity by Chamber, Floor Rack.also provide Inward Gate Pass Entry.


Display Inward Challan Report, Total Number of Outward and Labours Reports.also customers wise can track different inward,outward,invoices and it’s items.


PHP Cold Provide to set Notification when generate a inward or outward that time you cant send message to there customer or party.

Outward Management

Outward Challan Entry as per Inward Challan.Generate Automatic bill of Outward from Receipt with it’s type, Issue date & amount.also provide Outward Gate Pass Entry.Track your commodity by Chamber, Floor Rack.


Total Invoice Amount or Total Receipt Amount.Confirmation Receipt by Cash, Bank, Online Transfer or any person.


PHP COLD Allows to customise your default setting like set a invoice, cold storage structure, notification,company details etc.


Invoice Generate automatically whenever create or add new Inward.also you can edit, delete and create new invoice for inward.you can also Add Receipt from Invoice.

Special Features

 Invoice or Receipt Printing with Logo and generate PDF, Reports Export into PDF, generate Print of Reports and also Date wise Information.Graphical representation.

Items Management

You can create redefine items and it’s rent, unit category where you can creating a inward outward and generate invoice.also you can track out those item details for customers on a cold map.


Create New Receipt and display list of the Receipts with receipt type, amount, date.you can edit or delete particular receipt.Define in which mode cash or cheque for which party you got the payment.

Cold Map

It’s graphical chart representations of your cold storage.you can easily show or track  find out customer items and it’s stock details in which chamber and rack are currently available.

Customer Management

PHP Cold allow to create a customer to full details and generate it’s inward outward and invoice receipts and generate all details as a reports.you can also generate it’s customer portal URL to see their all details by own way.


Cloud vs. Standalone


Multiple User Access

PHP COLD Allow to Access to on Cloudy For Multiple User on a singal Portal.


Provide Customer Portal

PHP COLD Cloud Portal Allow to thire Customer to access thire own Portal.


Access Throw Internet

PHP COLD is an cloud Based so you can acces any time any where place you must require Internet connection.


Access On Multiple Device

PHP COLD Cloud Portal Access On Multiple Devices Device Mobile, DesktopPC, Laptop on Any Time Any Where Place.


Single User Access

In Standalone System The Main User Only Access and Those username password authentication credentials.


Not Allow

In Standalone System Do Not Allow Customer Portal.                       


Without Internet

In Standalone System Does Not Internet Connection you Can store all Your Data in Your Disk.


Access On Single Device

In Stand Alone You Can Only Access only one Device which in Installed.


“After an use of PHP COLD cloud base Cold storage software, it’s easy to maintains Inward or Outward as well as automatically maintain billing system like Invoice and Receipt   “

” The name says it all. It helps Cold Storage Software work quickly and efficiently.”

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