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FusionSpot solution use in various fields like Hospitality, Cafe- restaurant, Education Campuses, Hospitals, Business Enterprises.

FusionSpot provides very simply and easy to manage users to prevent Unauthorized access.

Our Features

Everything You’ll Need

User Management

  • Create| Activate| Suspend| Renew| Archive Users
  • User Authentication
  • User Management Based Reports
  • User My Account

Package Management

  • Facilitates Quota Limit or unlimited for plans
  • Hourly, Day, Month and Year based Package
  • Recharge & Renewal packages
  • Guest check-out based package option


  • AutoUser Creation Configuration
  • Custom Setting
  • NAS Configuration
  • Change Password Options

Access Management

  • Based on MAC and IP address
  • MAC Based Auto Login
  • Data Limit & Bandwidth Limit
  • Login Page Portal Management
  • User Access Control

Powerful Dashboard

  • Information Represention By Calendar
  • Display Active user
  • Expired user
  • Total user
  • Active user

User Logs Management

  • Users Logs Download
  • User start to ending total access bandwidth data
  • collecting logs by Monthwise

Auto User Register With SMS/MAIL OTP Verification.

  • User it’s self register in your wifi
  • Authentication using OTP verification
  • Admin can set a special plan for that user
  • Admin customize register information for a user

Real-Time Bandwidth Display

  • FusionSpot Show a Live Bandwidth
  • information of a guest by in graphical chart representation
  • search for specific bandwidth usage details such as applications, IP Address, Host Name, Protocol and more.

Recharge History

  • Display List of users Recharge history
  • with plan name, date and messages

User Reporting

  • Reports in Printable/Excel/PDF
  • Online User Reports
  • Active Users
  • Deleted Users
  • User Connection Attempts

Responsive Design

  • Responsive web design makes your web page look good on all devices.
  • Web pages can be viewed using many different devices like desktops, tablets or phones.


  • Monitoring sites
  • set access previllages

it’s supports

Various Markets Needs


“it’s easy to use and manage guest for recharge live data bandwidth chart. “

” work with Fusionspot very easily and work do must more faster and it’s auto user register feature is good. “

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