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FusionSpot for Educational Campus


If you represent a SchoolCollege, or University that is committed to offering a rich learning environment of instruction, research, and development, you can support this goal by providing your students, faculty, and staff.


Students and teachers are increasingly using wifi-enabled devices for educational purposes. Nowadays, the way students learn is way different from how students used to learn years ago. … Having WiFi connection at school means leveraging wifi-enabled devices for educational purposes.


Colleges generally have open or secured WiFi networks with a range thats cover the whole campus area. … These networks allow multiple users to get an even Internet access.


Students to get free WiFi in college, university campuses. The Centre has asked all universities and colleges of the state to make their campus digital by providing internet services for free and install WiFi facilities.

How it Works ?

Easy Access 

1. Connect into FusionSpot

Enable your device wifi setting and connect into fusionspot.

2. Login Or Register

FusionSpot homepage will appear on your phone’s screen Next, enter your Details and click send OTP to receive your One-Time Password (OTP).

3. You get Real time analytics

You get Real time analytics, user profile datafor your  next marketing campaign.


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