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Wi-Fi solution

FusionSpot solution helps you improve your WiFi satisfaction. Create a free or paid wifi Internet access, integrate with FusionSpot software to automate client login with on own device and self register by it self.

Our Features

Everything You’ll Need

User Management

  • Create| Activate| Suspend| Renew| Archive Users
  • User Authentication
  • User Management Based Reports
  • User My Account

Package Management

  • Facilitates Quota Limit or unlimited for plans
  • Hourly, Day, Month and Year based Package
  • Recharge & Renewal packages
  • Guest check-out based package option


  • AutoUser Creation Configuration
  • Custom Setting
  • NAS Configuration
  • Change Password Options

Access Management

  • Based on MAC and IP address
  • MAC Based Auto Login
  • Data Limit & Bandwidth Limit
  • Login Page Portal Management
  • User Access Control

Powerful Dashboard

  • Information Represention By Calendar
  • Display Active user
  • Expired user
  • Total user
  • Active user

User Logs Management

  • Users Logs Download
  • User start to ending total access bandwidth data
  • collecting logs by Monthwise

Auto User Register With SMS/MAIL OTP Verification.

  • User it’s self register in your wifi
  • Authentication using OTP verification
  • Admin can set a special plan for that user
  • Admin customize register information for a user

Real-Time Bandwidth Display

  • FusionSpot Show a Live Bandwidth
  • information of a guest by in graphical chart representation
  • search for specific bandwidth usage details such as applications, IP Address, Host Name, Protocol and more.

Recharge History

  • Display List of users Recharge history
  • with plan name, date and messages

User Reporting

  • Reports in Printable/Excel/PDF
  • Online User Reports
  • Active Users
  • Deleted Users
  • User Connection Attempts

Responsive Design

  • Responsive web design makes your web page look good on all devices.
  • Web pages can be viewed using many different devices like desktops, tablets or phones.


  • Monitoring sites
  • set access previllages

it’s supports

Various Markets Needs


“it’s easy to use and manage guest for recharge live data bandwidth chart. “

” work with Fusionspot very easily and work do must more faster and it’s auto user register feature is good. “

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