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Inventory & Warehouse Management Software

PHP STOCK provides an easy and efficient software solution for management of warehouse storage information regarding stock (inventory). We Provide different kinds of features like customers Inward, Outward, Production, Warehouse, Multi warehouse stock transfer and many more. These are manage easily.

PHP Stock For Cloud

PHP Stock Inventory & Warehouse Management software provides an easy and efficient software solution for cloud. The Benefits of cloud system you can access any time on any where on any device and  your work do much more faster.

PHP Stock For Standalone

PHP Stock Inventory Management software provides an easy and efficient software solution for standalone system Means does not necessarily require network connection, you can work Offline.You Can Perform All Action On Your Stand alone system.

PHP Stock Key Features

Inward Management

To Create New Inward very easily and fastly because it provide user interface very friendly’s and very easy to understand. Just enter basic information like party name, warehouse name and Items information it will Automatic generate Inward and it’s Gate Pass Entry.



Each & every activities wise show the Reports, Activites like Inward, Outward, Production, Warehouse Transfer, Job Work and also customers and warehouse wise can track different inward, outward, products details.

Customer Management

PHP Stock allow to create a customer to full details and generate it’s inward outward and generate all details as a reports.also track customer wise product, inward, outward, job work details.

Outward Management

To Create New Outward Based on Inward Entry and it’s very easily and fastly because it’s user interface very friendly’s and very easy to understand. Just enter basic information like party name, warehouse name and Items information. it will Automatic generate outward and it’s Gate Pass Entry.


PHP Stocks production items to define the quantity of components that make up a resource for multiple items, all in process at once for separate items.



Product Management

PHP Stock allow to create a product with their unit and category where you can creating a inward outward.also you can track out those product details for customers wise, warehouse wise,total number of inward, outward are generated.

Multi Warehouse Suppot

PHP Stock provides to handle or processing a items on multiple warehouses storage systems management.it will manage and track all your activity.You can also stock transfer by warehouse to warehouse.



Warehouse transfer

Warehouse transfers are used in Accounting Seed to transfer inventoried Products from one Location within a Warehouse to another Location within that same Warehouse or from one Warehouse to another Warehouse.

Warehouse Management

PHP Stock allow to create or define Multiple warehouse and it’s storage management also it’s track all your inward, outward for which are stored and how many are renaming are available.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design makes your web page look good on all devices. Web pages can be viewed using many different devices like desktops, tablets or phones.it display equally well in everything from widescreen monitors to mobile phones.


Job Work

Job Work includes doing work on behalf of other person and on the material provided by the other person. Job work can be In-Source.



Easy Customization

PHP Stock allow to easy customisation your get pass to set company details name, address, contact number, email company logo.Customized is built specially for a definite purpose based on the needs. It’s flexible and can be altered according to the changing requirements, 


Cloud vs. Standalone


Multiple User Access

PHP COLD Allow to Access to on Cloudy For Multiple User on a singal Portal.


Access Throw Internet

PHP COLD is an cloud Based so you can acces any time any where place you must require Internet connection.


Access On Multiple Device

PHP COLD Cloud Portal Access On Multiple Devices Device Mobile, DesktopPC, Laptop on Any Time Any Where Place.


Single User Access

In Standalone System The Main User Only Access and Those username password authentication credentials.


Without Internet

In Standalone System Does Not Internet Connection you Can store all Your Data in Your Disk.


Access On Single Device

In Stand Alone You Can Only Access only one Device which in Installed.


“it’s easy to maintains Inward or Outward as well as it’s Productions, warehouse Transfer,job work great fractures. “

” work with PHP Stock very easily and work do must more faster and multi warehouse support it’s really good. “

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